enbloc sale.

  • Enbloc or Collective Sale allows Owners to sell their properties for a lot more than they could fetch by selling individually in the open market

  • It allows Owners to convert the unused land or development potential in their property development into cash

  • Enbloc Sale also allows Owners to cash out of their property investment for other newer and larger properties or re-invest in other forms of higher yield investments

Vista Park sold to developer Oxley

New development on Vista Park site, Kent Ridge Park Residences


Since 1999, TRE has transacted more than 30 enbloc projects, assisting many happy and satisfied property owners and investors enhancing and unlocking the values in their real estate investment.

We believe that we can also do the same for you and your fellow owners with our industry contacts and in-depth knowledge of the Collective Sale market.

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When is Enbloc then feasible?

En-Bloc Sale is normally feasible when one or a combination of the followings is evident in the development:

  • An Increase in Plot Ratio of the land

  • Re-zoning of the land to a higher use

  • The land is not fully built up or utilised to its allowable development potential

What is the Procedure?

The Stages involved in the En-bloc Sale Process

  1. Checking Land Value

  2. Checking Owners' interest

  3. Requisite Owners' signatories to hold EGM

  4. Appointment of Sales Committee, Property Consultants and Lawyers in EGM

  5. Preparation and signing of Collective Sales Agreement

  6. Marketing of Land sale

  7. Public Tender or Private Treaty

  8. Legal Completion of Enbloc Sale

  9. Delivery of Vacant Possession

Principal terms in Collectively Sale Agreement (CSA)

  • Reserve price - the minimum price that owners agree to sell

  • Method of distributing sale proceeds

  • The validity period of the Collective Sale Agreement

  • Date to deliver vacant possession

  • Indemnities for the Sale Committee and between owners

  • The Sale Committee's authority and responsibility

  • Mode of Sale

  • Appointment of Property Consultant and Lawyer

  • Provisions for 80% or 90% majority agreement and undertaking to pay all costs relating to the Strata Title Board application

    Notes: The owners are advised to check with their respective lawyers with regards to the enbloc procedures, appointments and the Collective Sale agreement. The above is basically a general guideline and is subject to variations.

Both Vista Park condominium and How Sun Park were sold successfully by Teakhwa Real Estate